A little about me and my interests

My name is Ross Bullock. I am 76 years old and have been a member of the Norton Priory Museum Trust since 1982. Before that I was involved in the actual excavations of the Priory, as one of many "volunteers", during the 1970's. I am also a member of the Runcorn Historical Society
I was born in Weston Point, very near to Runcorn,Cheshire, and have lived in this area all my life ( I am not very adventurous ) and was employed by a well-known chemical company until my retirement in 1992

Runcorn Widnes bridge 54Kb
This is a view of the bridges between Runcorn and Widnes. Click here for a few words on the history of this area. The bibliography page contains some books on Runcorn's history

Apart from local history, some of my other interests are

I am interested in Family history, although it is my son, Michael,who has done most of the work in that area. Connect to his website to see various branches of our family tree. Families to whom I and my wife are connected include Bullock, Allman, Ross, Trevitt, Jannion, Robinson, Bracegirdle, Bostock, Davies, Grice, Worrall, Percival.