Churches which were once owned by Norton Priory

On the foundation of a Monastic House, the new establishment was often given endowments of land and churches. Norton Priory was no exception, and owned several churches. These provided income for the Priory. Rather surprisingly their locations are spread out over a wide area of England. Some pictures of the modern churches at these places are shown. Most will have been extensively altered since they were owned by Norton Priory. It is somewhat ironic that all these churches have survived, but the priory church at Norton was destroyed and only its foundations are visible now!.

All Saints Church,Runcornsketch of interior of the old Mediaeval Runcorn church
A drawing of the inside of the mediaeval Runcorn church before 1850
The church at Runcorn was completely rebuilt in the middle of the 19th.C, replacing a much smaller mediaeval church which had a central square tower and which was probably the remains of the original priory church at Runcorn before it was moved to Norton. The older church was dedicated to St. Bartholemew, the present one to All Saints

Great Budworth CheshireGreat Budworth Church
old altar13th.C. misericords
Old altarMisericords
Arms of Norton Abbey
Arms of Norton Abbey
The tower of Great Budworth Church has the arms of Norton Abbey carved on the church tower. The church conains a pre-reformation altar slab and some 13th.C.misericords and church pews. One of the nicest churches in Cheshire.

Castle Donington LeicestershireCastle Donington ChurchCan anyone give me any information about this church, please?
Parts of the tower of this church may be original, but I suspect that the main parts of the church belongs to a later period than when it was owned by Norton Priory ?

Ratcliffe on Soar NottinghamshireRatcliffe-on-Soar church
old altarold sundial?
The altar slabThe "canonical" sundial ?
This church looks old and has some very interesting features. The altar top is one which existed in the pre-dissolution period, and there are sundial markings on the outside of the porch which could have been used to mark the canonical hours (the service times). This church had to be sold by Norton Priory in the 14th.C. and was later bought by another priory from NW England, Burscough Priory. A grave slab in the church is for a Canon of Burscough who was a priest at Ratcliffe in the 15th.C.

Kneesall NottinghamshireKneesall churchThis lovely picture was taken by Heather Faulkes. Can anyone give me more information about this church, please?
This church is dedicated to St. Bartholomew, as was the old church at Runcorn

Burton on Stather Lincolnshire Burton-upon-Stather church
This church is dedicated to St.Andrew. Picture taken by Paul Fenwick

Pyrton OxfordshirePyrton churchMore information about this church can be found here
The surprise! A church so far from the North West of England on land owned by the Baron of Halton
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